Indian Society of Extracorporeal Technology

Indian Perfusionists



1) Scientific Program - ISECTCON 2018

Scientific Program Schedule Of ISECTCON 2918, Vishakapatnam.

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Kerala Chief Minister Distress Relief Fund Cheque From ISECT Handing Over To Kerala CM By Mr Subash And Mr Venu Gopal

3) Annual General Body Meeting Of ISECT

Annual General Body Meeting To Be Held On 25th February 2017 Saturday At Bangalore.

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4) Final Call To Voters

CRO ISECT Call Upon All Members Of ISECT To Participate In The Democratic Election Process And Elect Office Bearers By Casting Your Valuable Franchise To Fulfill Your Professional Wishes And Dreams.

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5) ISECTCON Chennai

Invitation For The 19th Annual Conference Of ISECT On Febrauary 22 & 23rd, 2019 To Be Held In Ideal Beach Resort, Mahabalipuram, Chennai.

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6) PRIME Perfusion Simulation Program

Indian Society Of Extracorporeal Technology (ISECT) And Terumo India Pvt. Ltd. Are Pleased To Announce PRIME Perfusion Simulation Program a Continuous Effort Towards Perfusion Skill Building, We Are Conducting ‘’PRIME Perfusion Simulation Program’’ on 21st  December,2018 At TISL, Gurgaon. It Will Be 1 Full Day Program On Different Types Of Perfusion Scenarios. ISECT Life Members Can Apply And Get Benefited Out Of It.

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7) 4th Advanced Perfusion Program

ISECT In Collaboration With TERUMO Is conducting 4th  Advanced Perfusion Program with The Centre Of Excellence  Madras Medical Mission Hospital Chennai On 18th -19th August 2017.

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8) Clinical Perfusion Society, Hyderabad

Perfusion Meet On 7th January, 2017 At Katriya Hotel, Hyderabad.

9) Annual General Body Meeting 2018

Invitation To Members Of ISECT For Annual General Body Meeting To Be Held On 3rd Feb 2018 Saturday At Viskhapatnam.

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