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ISECT Elections

The elections for office bearers are held once in three years through secret ballot in case of more than one candidate apply for same post. The Executive committee appoints a Returning officer for holding elections for the specified term. He in turn issues the election notification and puts the election process in motion by following the rules under ISECT constitution.

Elections are held for the following posts:


One post

Vice President

Two Posts


One post

Joint secretary

Two Posts


One post

Executive Members

20 posts

The following Two posts are filled up by Executive committee on selection basis.

Editor - IJECT

One post

Moderator Website

One post

Eligibility criteria for the candidates to contest to a notified office bearer Post:

  • Any life member can file nomination and contest in the election for any post.

  • One member is allowed to file nomination for only one post.

  • Only life members of ISECT are eligible and have right to cast their vote.

  • The Ordinary and Associate members have no voting or contesting rights.

  • A nomination is seconded by Two life members as detailed in the Nomination Form and the declaration shall be attested by two life members who are other than the life members seconded. i.e in total 4 individual life members are involved in filing a nomination apart from the contestant.

  • All the life members holding Voter / Valid Identity cards are allowed to cast their Votes. The elections will be held through secret ballot if necessary for any post.

  • A life member willing to become office bearer shall file his/her nomination as per the conditions that are laid down and on Nomination form provided under Notification.

  • Nominations received after the specified date are liable to be rejected.

  • A life member who is a permanent resident of India and Staying / working in India alone shall be eligible to file nomination for said posts.

  • The Members holding Membership / Office Bearer ship of a parallel Organization constituted with Members of the Cardiopulmonary Perfusion Profession having similar aims and objects working at National level are debarred from contesting the elections.

  • If the number of contestants is more than one for an existing vacancy, the polling shall be held through secret ballot, and the schedule of poll time and venue for such polling shall be notified on the first day before noon of the said Conference by the Returning Officer i.e. undersigned. The candidate getting majority support votes through secret ballot shall be declared elected.

  • The results of such polling shall be declared immediately after counting and during the commencement of General Body meeting.

  • The newly elected office bearers shall be inducted into office immediately after declaration of election results during the General Body Meeting through sworn-in ceremony.

  • Returning officer reserves the right to reject the nomination papers if filed without fulfilling the conditions there under, and he shall reject the same through the nomination rejection letter duly specifying the reasons for rejecting the same to the candidate immediately with in a period of 10 working days after the closure of receipt of nomination scheduled date.

  • It is made clear that any dispute in this regard shall be subject matter of the Jurisdiction of Principle Dist. Judge, Chennai as the Society is registered / covered / governed by The Tamil Nadu Societies Registration Act, 1975 ( Act No.27/75).

  • If no nominations are received by the returning officer on or before the scheduled date of nominations for any of the existing vacancy, it is presumed that there are no candidates interested in contesting for a particular post and how ever the proposals shall be received at the General body meeting scheduled in verbatim and the candidates so proposed for each post at the said meeting shall be declared elected with the approval at General Body Meeting. In such for any vacancy if there are more than one candidate the selection of the candidate shall be made by calling for raising the hands of voters and the candidate supported by majority voters shall be declared to have been elected by the returning officer.

  • Each contestant wherein specifically for a post, an election is scheduled to be held through the secret ballot will be provided with eligible voters list by the returning officer by email if requested by the contestant at or or the same can be down loaded from website.

  • All the life members are listed under life membership list available with our web. All life members are eligible to participate in poling and to contest in elections.

  • All the life members staying / settled overseas and present at the elections are entitled to cast their vote.

  • Any person facing disciplinary proceedings within the association / in the department where is working or facing criminal proceedings in the courts, is not eligible to contest in the elections.

  • The decision of the Returning Officer shall be final and shall be binding on all the contestants and life members in relation to elections.

  • Proxy vote on behalf of a life member is not allowed.