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E Learning Modules

E-learning modules can help the reader to choose the right type of module according to their requirements. The main benefit to e-learning module is flexible scheduling.

ISECT members have access to online Perfusion related modules in our e-learning centre. These modules cover a wide range of clinical areas including Cardiopulmonary bypass, Myocardial Protection, Ultrafiltration, MICS, ECMO, and much more.

E-learning modules offer the flexibility to the learner to learn according to their schedule. Here, the learner is free to complete the course at their own pace. These modules are highly effective to deliver the desired result. There are several benefits of going for E-learning modules. Some of them are

  • Facility of customizing the course module according to the need

  • 24X7 availability of the content

  • Freedom of accessing the content anytime and from any place

  • Training unlimited learners simultaneously

  • Lower operational issues as it includes onetime production of the module

  • Better uniformity of the modules

E-learning presentations are engaging and motivating, making the whole session more purpose-centric. They are to-the-point, free from jargons and a messy look and are capable of delivering the message in a simple but authoritative manner.

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