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Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure that we invite you to join the 18th Annual Conference of the Indian society of Extracorporeal Technology , ISECTCON 2018,being held at VUDA Children's Arena, Visakhapatnam on 2nd and 3rd February 2018.

The mission of ISECTCON 2018 is to promote and study the art, science and therapy of cardiovascular perfusion by facilitating the exchange of ideas in the extracorporeal technology through scientific meetings and by personal contacts between perfusionists.

The conference will be a discussion place for the largest updates on key clinical, research issues in cardiovascular perfusion technology and beyond.

childrens park vuda

ISECTCON 2018 will provide a full programme of didactic lectures delivered by eminent faculty and will be uplifted with the contributions of our colleagues by their valuable presentations. We invite you to share your scientific works in a colleague and friendly atmosphere.

Visakhapatnam, city of destiny has been known for its rich history, culture and beaches.

Social gatherings will have joyous and unforgettable gala dinners offering great opportunities for all delegates to network and experience Visakha hospitality.

Come and join us to be updated in cardiovascular perfusion technology and entertained in history, culture and hospitality of Visakhapatnam.

"We look forward to seeing you in Visakhapatnam."


With Warm Regards

P. Siva Prasad

Organising Secretary

P. Sreenivasa Rao

Organising Secretary

V. Madhusudan Naidu

Organising Chairman

M. Venkateswara Rao

Organising President

A. Kanaka Durga

Oraganising President

R. Pardha Saradhi


S. Gershom

Scientific Committee




There will be Five Lucky draw winners from first 200 Early Bird Registrations.
5 Lucky draw winners will be given Titan watches.

There will be Ten lucky draw winners from first 50 student's early bird registrations.
10 lucky draw winners will be given free accommodation.


V. Madhusudan Naidu Organising Chairman
M. Venkateswar Rao Organising Presidents
K. Kanaka Durga Bai Organising Presidents
N. Mohan Rao Organising Vice President
P. SivaprasadOrganising Secretaries
P. Sreenivasa Rao Organising Secretaries
R. Pardha Saradhi Treasurer
A. Rosi ReddyJoint Organising Secretaries
T. Chennaiah Joint Organising Secretaries
S. Gershom Scientific Committee
Balaram Mahapatro Scientific Committee
M. Nirmala Scientific Committee
N. Syambabu Scientific Committee
K. Ravi Teja ReddyScientific Committee
Manikanta Scientific Committee
O. M. Saravana Scientific Committee
MD. Nooruddin Food & Hospitality Committee
Sandeep Nikesh Food & Hospitality Committee
A. Suresh Food & Hospitality Committee
N. Sreeram Food & Hospitality Committee
Ravi Kanth Food & Hospitality Committee
Dileep Food & Hospitality Committee
Rajesh Food & Hospitality Committee
K. Ramesh Reception & Registration Committee
Y. Narasimha Reception & Registration Committee
N. Lakshminarayana Reception & Registration Committee
Kona Joshuva Reception & Registration Committee
S. Rama Rao M V Reception & Registration Committee
Mahesh Reception & Registration Committee
Suchismitha Reception & Registration Committee
Ramya Sree Reception & Registration Committee
VenkateshReception & Registration Committee
Madan KumarReception & Registration Committee
R. Pardha Saradhi Souvenir Committee
P. Siva Prasad Souvenir Committee
P. Sreenivasa Rao Souvenir Committee
S. Gershom Souvenir Committee
Rajendra Transport Committee
Jyothi Krishna Transport Committee
Chitti Babu Transport Committee
N. Subramanyam Transport Committee
Prasad Transport Committee
Syam Prasad Transport Committee
Padma Raju Transport Committee
N. Subba Rao Transport Committee
N.Bhaskar Rao Organiser
Somnath Organiser
K Sreenivasa Reddy Organiser

Early Bird: Upto 31st Aug'17, Interim: 1st sep to 30th Nov'17, Standard/Spot: From 1st Feb'18

Category Early Bird Interim From 1st Dec'17 Standard / Spot
Perfusionist 5500 6000 7000 8000
Student 3500 3500 4000 4500
Doctor 6000 6500 7500 8000
Trade Delegate 6000 6500 7500 8000
Accompanying Person 3500 3500 4000 4500
Foreign Delegate 8000 10000 10000 10000
Accompanying Person (foreign) 6000 8000 8000 8000
Retired Perfusionist Nil Nil Nil No spot

Registration Information

Registration for attending ISECTCON 2018 can be done using any one of the following methods. Please go through the Guidelines before Registering.

Online Registration

Please make payment through online transfer and note down the transaction number and proceed for filling the online registration form

Mode of Payment : Wire Transfer / NEFT

Bank account details of 'ISECTCON 2018' for remittances.

Name of Account : ISECTCON2018

Account Number : 36728875787

Branch : Beach road branch, Visakhapatnam.

Bank State Bank of India

IFSC code : SBIN0015101

Offline Registration

Complete the Downloaded Offline registration form and attachDemand Draft / Cheque in the name of "ISECTCON2018" payable at Visakhapatnam and send it to below mentioned address:

Mode of Payment : At par Cheque / Demand Draft

Conference Secretariat

P. SreenivasaRao

Organsing Secretary

D No: 16-426/14, Jai Bheemnagar, Sector-5, Arilova,


Mobile: 9885394803, Email:


There will be Five Lucky draw winners from first 200 Early Bird Registrations.
5 Lucky draw winners will be given Titan watches.

There will be Ten lucky draw winners from first 50 student's early bird registrations.
10 lucky draw winners will be given free accommodation.

Registration General Guidelines
  • Spot Registration will not guarantee Conference kit, if large number of spot registrations happen. Please register early.

  • Students should submit a letter from Chief Perfusionist / HOD along with Registration Form.

  • Accompanying person and children will not be allowed to the scientific session.

  • Registration for Retired Perfusionists who are not reemployed is Free. There is no spot registration so register before 31stJanuary 2018.

  • All Children above 12 years of age have to register as Accompanying person.

  • If both Perfusionist and Accompanying Spouse are registered, then one child below the age of 12 years can be registered free.

  • If more than one child is accompanying (Age between 5 years and 12 years), then Registration fee of Rs 1200 per child have to be remitted.

Cancellation Policy
  • Cancellation or Transfer of Registration will be made only against the written request by email or post submitted before 2ndJanuary 2018.

  • From 3rdJanuary onwards, refunds will be solely at the discretion of the organizing committee.

  • An administration charge of Rs 2000/- will be deducted per cancellation and rest will be refunded after conference.


The Abstract submission guidelines of the ISECTCON 2018 are intended to provide clear instructions before submitting an abstract. You are kindly requested to carefully read the guidelines stated below.

Last Date for abstract submission is 2nd December, 2017. Submissions received after this deadline will not be considered.

Photograph of the Speaker/Presenter is compulsory and keep ready for Online submission.

General Guidelines
  • ISECTCON 2018welcomes all delegates to submit their Abstracts to be considered for oral and poster presentation at 18th Annual meeting of Indian society of Extracorporal Technology.

  • We request delagates to send abstractonline.

  • Please type the Abstract in Arial, Font 10 size.

  • The abstract must not be more than 250 words which includes Introduction, Methods/case reports, Results/Discussions and conclusions.

  • The abstact must contain original material, not published or presented at any other conference.

  • Presenting author of the paper will receive confirmation of acceptance for oral presentation and poster presentation.

  • Authors of abstracts selected for oral and poster presentation will be informed about the date of session and will receive guidelines for their presentation.

  • The Scientific program committee of ISECTCON 2018 maintains the right to reject any abstract that does not meet requirements.

  • Last Date for abstract submission is 2nd December 2017. Submission received after this deadline will not be considered.

Withdrawal Policy
  • If authors wish to withdraw thir presentation they are requested to send a e-mail before 25th December 2017.

Guidelines for Poster Presentation
  • If your abstract is accepted as a poster, you will be informed accordingly and complete instructions will be e-mailed.

  • Poster size can be maximum 4' (height) and 3' (wide). Please use professional layout and typesetting services to improve visibility.

Completed Abstract forms to be mailed to

S. Gershom

Scientific committee member

D No: 49/54/3/18, Ballayyasastri layout, Balaji hills,

Seethammadhara, Visakhapatnam-530013.

Mobile: 9000469990, 9849969674











2 Km

Rs.7249 + Taxes




2 Km

Rs.7000 + Taxes




2.9 Km

Rs.6000 + Taxes




900 mts

Rs.5750 + Taxes




2 Km

Rs.6000 + Taxes




2.6 Km

Rs.4500 + Taxes




2.9 Km

Rs.4750 + Taxes




3.5 Km

Rs.4200 + Taxes




3.3 Km

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1.5 Km

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2.9 Km

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1.2 Km

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1.8 Km

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1.8 Km

Rs.3199 + Taxes



Visakhapatnam (nicknamed Vizag) is the largest city, both in terms of area and population in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh. It is located on the coast of Bay of Bengal in the north eastern region of the state. It is the Financial Capital of Andhra Pradesh. Visakhapatnam is the principal commercial hub of the state, and contributes to its economy in many sectors such as heavy industries, tourism, industrial minerals, fishing, and information technology. Visakhapatnam Port is the fifth busiest port in India in terms of cargo handled. Visakhapatnam is home to the oldest shipyard and the only natural harbor on the east coast of India. Visakhapatnam developed into one of the country's chief ports and became the headquarters of the Eastern Naval Command of the Indian Navy. The city is nestled between the Eastern Ghats mountain range and the Bay of Bengal, and is often known as The Jewel of the East Coast, The City of Destiny and the Goa of the East Coast. Visakhapatnam's beaches (such as Ramakrishna Mission Beach and Rushikonda), parks (such as Kailasagiri and VUDA Park), museums (such as the Kursura Submarine Museum and Visakha Museum), and proximity to areas of natural beauty (such as the Kambalakonda Wildlife Sanctuary, Araku Valley, and Borra Caves).


Most tourists would easily associate Vizag with one of its prime landmarks, Kailasagiri. A tiny hill station right in the city zone is an important place of visit for both the tourists and the locals. Also known as the abode of Lord Shiva, Kailasagiri has an important temple of Shiva and Parvati and their mighty idols.

Kailasagiri Hill Park is located at the top and 360 feet from sea level. The Kailasagiri Park is well known for its panoramic view, peaceful atmosphere and its scenic beauty, making it a beautiful tourist attraction in Vishakhapatnam. The place offers plenty of leisure activities which is also one of the reasons for people visiting the place.

For children, circular train is there for fun and enjoyment. The Rope Way facility offers cable car route takes you to the top of the hill to have a bird eye view of the whole city. It is the first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh.The place is photographers delight as the views from hilltop are mind blowing. Seven viewpoints on the park offer glorious views of the beaches, hills, forests & the city of Vishakhapatnam.It is one of the best tourist spots in the city for a bird's eye view of the bay. The atmosphere is so serene that you will completely feel at peace.

INS Kurusura Submarine Museum

The Submarine museum is a tourist spot exclusive to Visakhapatnam and only Submarine Museum in the entire of Asia. Kurusura an originally decommissioned submarine is located on the sands of the R.K.Beach is developed into a museum. This project is jointly taken up by the NSDRC and Eastern Naval Command. The estimated cost is around 2.55 crore and it is the first of its kind in Asia and second in the world opened for public. This Submarine is named after Kurusura and has participated in II World War. It carried war heads. This was purchased from Russia.


Simhachalam, also well known as Simhadri, is an important Hindu pilgrim centre. This 11th century temple is 16 km from Visakhapatnam dedicated to Lord Narasimha Swamy, is amongst the most important shrines of Lord Vishnu in the country. They say that the hill top is actually a holy abode of Varaha Narasimha Swami. The name of the temple is derived from the word Narasimha, nara meaning male and simha meaning lion, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.The main deity is always covered with sandal paste and the real shape of the deity can only be seen during Chandanayatra Festival (March-April). The Shrine is also noted for its excellent architecture.

Simhachalam is also known as Varaha Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy temple. The temple was constructed in 1098 by Kuloththunga, the famous Chola king. Further, the Queen of ancient Orissa adorned the temple idol with gold during 1137-56 and Narasimha Deva, the eastern Ganga King of Orissa, constructed central shrine in 1267. Apart from this, the shrine was visited twice by Sri Krishna Deva Raya in 1516 and 1519 after defeating GajapatiPrataparudraDev, the Gajapati ruler of Orissa.

VUDA city Central Park

The lush greenery in VUDA Park is sure to elevate your spirits. The 2500 odd trees in 37 acres of land is sure to present you with rich greenery. The park measures 55 acres of land out of which, various species of plants are grown in 37 acres of land. The park does not only promote environment but it also offers various physical activities for children and elders alike. You will find children's play area, yoga hall, multi gym, musical fountain and a lot more in central park.


The Telugu name Thotlakonda has been derived from the presence of rock cut throughs hewn in the bed rock of various shapes, sizes with 4 to 8 steps in the hillock by which water has been drawn for drinking water purpose. Thotlakonda lies about 15 km from Visakhapatnam in beach road located 128 meters high above sea level.Thotlakonda came to light during an aerial survey by the Indian Navy for setting up a Naval Base.After its discovery, major excavations have established the existence of a Hinayana Buddhist complex which flourished 2000 years ago.

The archaeological excavations revealshistorically significant Buddhist antiquitiestructures like Maha stupa Viharas, Votive stupas, ChaityaGruhas, pillared hall, congregation halls, terracotta tiles, Buddapadas, Eppatra pieces, engraved with Brahmilipi reflects the Kalinga and Andhaka schools of Buddism. Thotlakonda beach is very beautiful. Thotlakonda was well within the influence of ancient Kalinga region which was an important source of dissemination of Buddhist culture to Sri Lanka and various parts of south-east Asia. It provides an insight into the process of Trans Oceanic diffusion of Indian culture, especially Buddhism.

Yarada Beach

Yarada Beach is surrounded by by magnificent hills on its three sides and Bay of Bengal on the fourth. Yarada Beach is undoubtedly the best beach in Vizag. If you are in Vizag and sea shore is your thing, Yarada should be in your tick list. The beach is dotted with lush green surroundings and soft golden sands. The beach is an ideal tourist spot with sheer visual delight to the eye for nature lovers.Yarada is also a photographer's favorite as they can capture nature's beautiful views of sunrise and sunsets on this huge coastline. The beach apart, your journey to Yarada beach in itself is scenic.

Rishikonda Beach

Popular beach known for its scenic escapade, Rishikonda beach is well frequented by tourists all-round the year. Rishikonda Beach is one of the best beaches in Andhra Pradesh, situated 8 km from Vizag. If you love water sports, you will love this beach. Swimming, wind surfing are some of the water sports available here. It is one of the few beaches that offer swimming under expert supervision. Located in the midst of frothy blue sea and emerald greenery, the scenery that this beach has is indeed mesmerising. The serene golden sands of the Rishikonda Beach are located in the bosom of the Rishikonda hill.

The calm blue water of this beach is a sight to sore eyes, and you can indulge in some quiet, peaceful time with friends and family here. You can take a walk along the stretch of the sand. The beach also has resorts and stay. Rishikonda is considered as one of the favorite destination for a quiet weekend getaway.

Ramakrishna Beach

Ramakrishna Beach also known as RK Beach is one of the popular beaches located on the east coast at a distance of about 5 km from the centre of the city. This beach occupies the largest part of the seafront and is a great spot to spend leisure time. The Submarine Museum, Visakha museum, the Kali Temple, VUDA Park, Matsyadarshini, Ramakrishna mission ashram, statues of prominent personalities are all lined up near the beach.Roadside restaurants and parks are the added attractions of the R.K. Beach. The war memorial called 'Victory at Sea' on the seashore was constructed to pay homage to the soldiers of the 1971 war is worth visiting.The place comes to life as the sun begins to set as people came rolling in and beachside shops being opened.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park occupies a sprawling 625 acres of land. The location of the zoo is mesmerizing as it is surrounded by Visakha valley on both the sides of the zoo and Bay of Bengal to its east. Located in such a natural setting, the zoo appears very much a home to wildlife. It was established in the year 1977. The zoo houses a wide range of animals including tigers, lions, panthers, Himalayan black bear, sloth bear, hippopotamus, jaguars, monkeys, pythons, elephants and many more.A Special Mini-Train was installed at the Zoological Park to facilitate people to watch the wild life in a open top train which runs of rubber wheels. Nearly eighty species numbering eight hundred animals are present in the zoo.

Araku Valley

Araku Valley, is a favorite tourist destinationsituated some 120 kilometres away from Vishakhapatnam. Araku Valleyis a perfecthill station located on the Eastern Ghats and an amazing destination to enjoy the hilly climate, which is Blessed with terrific natural beauty. Located 3200 square feet above the sea level, Araku valley is picturesque with lush green gardens, streams and waterfalls. The strength of the place and the 19 tribes that live here is that they are not influenced by the modern world. The tribes keep their culture alive and the valley is a beauty that man has not attempted to conquer.

This destination is quite famous for its exquisite coffee, whose subtle aroma will have you craving for a cuppa. Kartiki waterfall is also located within the bounds of the valley and makes up for a picturesque encounter. A train leaves Vishakhapatnam early in the morning, making way through 58 tunnels and passing over 84 bridges making way through the breathtaking landscape to reach Araku in approximately in 5 hours.The valley is serene and you will find that it offers you a challenging trekking.The traditional dish prepared in the bamboos, Bongulo Chicken (Bamboo Chicken) is not to be missed. Overall, Araku valley elevates your senses.

Borra Caves

A stunning location 92 km away from the port city on the way to Araku, Borra Cavesis breathtaking situated 1400 meter above the sea level. The million year old caves were discovered by William King George from the Geological Survey of India in 1807. Borra Caves areone of the largest in the country distinctly exhibit a variety of speleothems ranging in size and irregularly shaped stalactites and stalagmites. The spectacular formation of karstic limestone structures that extend to a depth of 80 m(considered the deepest cave in India).The caves flaunt mosses and brown-to-green algae along with rare popular floraoffers great views. If you like some physical activity on your tour, you will love the trek toward Borra Caves.

Once you are inside the caves, you will feel as though you were transported to a different world. The rocks and the waterfalls make you experience the ancient element in the region. Deep in the caves there is Shivalingam over which the water drips from above which is said to be the origin of the river Gosthani.


Mr. P. Siva Prasad

Organising Secretary

Mobile No : 9618653530

Email :

Mr. P. Sreenivasa Rao

Organising Secretary

Mobile No : 9885394803

Email :

Mr. S. Gershom

Scientific Committee

Mobile No : 9000469990, 9849969674

Email :

Mr. R. Pardha Saradhi


Mobile No : 9440978032