Indian Society of Extracorporeal Technology

Indian Perfusionists



The Indian society of extracorporeal technology (ISECT) is the only national, professional organisation representing all practicing Perfusionists in India.ISECT was constituted in 1983 and registered under Tamil Nadu Societies Act in 1985.

Shri V.M. Joshi - Mumbai and Shri S. Kuppuswamy - Chennai were founder president and general secretary respectively. The ISECT logo was designed by founder members Mr. Kuppuswamy, Mr. Anandhan, Mr. K.M. Rao. Eminent Cardiac Surgeons Dr Solomon Victor (Chennai), Dr G.B. Parulkar (Mumbai), Dr.I.K. Gujral (Chandigarh), Dr Nimish A Shah (Mumbai), Dr Gopinath (New Delhi), Dr Stanley John(Vellore) are Founder patrons and advisors Of ISECT in 1983.

ISECT is respected and recognised both within and outside the profession, as the voice of Perfusionists in India.

In 1989 General body of ISECT resolved and appealed to Indian association of Cardiothoracic surgeons(IACTS) to get certification of the members of ISECT as “Clinical Perfusionists” by constituting a body to certify the existing perfusionists by awarding Post Graduate diploma in Perfusion technology as on that date in the interest of professionalism.

Indian Journal of Extracorporeal Technology is the official journal of ISECT, which was started in 1990 with the help of IACTS.

ISECT underwent democratic changes in its structure and now elections for office bearers are conducted for a three year term in more democratic way through secret ballot and by appointing a returning officer. The executive committee meets twice in a year and decides on the future activities of the society.

ISECT started its National Annual conference since 2001, namely ISECTCON, beginning with Chennai.The annual conferences are spread out over two days. Perfusionists all over India & abroad, cardiac surgeons, cardiac anesthesiologists, deliver guest lectures and clinical presentations.

Gold medal award initiated by ISECT in Kolkata conference for the best paper presentation in the annual ISECTCON in the name of Dr. Gopinath, from contribution by emeritus prof. Dr. Gopinath, an eminent cardiac surgeon from All India institute of medical sciences, New Delhi. The young Perfusionists are honored with several awards for their participation in scientific presentations. Senior membershave sponsored awards for young perfusionists with exemplary papers.

Website ISECT has been designed and started in 2003.

In 2003 Hyderabad conference, it was resolved to start the work on recognition of perfusion as a profession constituting a statutory body at government of India level and since then the efforts are in progress at various levels.

Senior Perfusionists with more than two decades of experience are honored with Life Time Achievement Awards from ISECTCON 2004 for their eminent services in the field of clinical perfusion.

Present strength of life members is around 800.

ISECT has been making all out efforts to get a statutory body constituted by government of India then a parliamentary enactment.

ISECT has been making efforts to control the mushrooming unwanted admissions in perfusion technology courses around the country at various hospitals / institutions with motive for financial gains. The ISECT is making efforts to stream line the training programmes in clinical perfusion by fixing proper criteria for selection, infrastructure in relation to number of operation theaters, faculty members in the ration of 1:1 with the government of India.

ISECT support our members in delivering the highest standards of professional care and work with them to develop their skills and support them in their practice. The Indian society of extracorporeal technology contributes to the development of the Perfusionist profession both nationally and internationally.

Advanced clinical perfusion courses for life members have been started successfully.

ISECT has appealed and placed a plea before the parliamentary standing committee on health and family welfare, government of India for the constitution of “Indian Perfusion council”.

On invitation, five senior members gave presentation on the profession of perfusion, his /her role in cardiac surgery, in the premises of parliament secretariat before the department Related to parliamentary standing committee headed by shri Amar singh ji in 2008 to pursue the government of India in recognising the profession and to regulate through a statutory provision by constituting a statutory council / board to protect the professional interests both professional and academic.

Based on the above representation perfusionists profession was included in the Para medical council bill on 11th July, 2008, which is before the parliament since then.